We have clearly defined principles. We believe in flexibility, agility and freedom for our clients. We don’t push bespoke out-of-date solutions. We use cutting edge tools and on-line solutions to help achieve the best outcome for clients. We adore the path of least resistance! We want our clients to spend less on time on maintenance and more time focusing on growing business.

We’re passionate about functional, well built and well thought out digital products. We don’t throw in the entire kitchen sink because there is budget! We look at users, what excites them, what frustrates them and critically, what drives them to action.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel! We strive to create successful digital products that our clients love and their users devour. Our mission is to solve problems using the best tools for the job. We want to empower our clients to embrace effective digital tools and feel confident that they’re in control.

A moonshot, in a technology context, is an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project aiming to solve a complex proeblem with a creative solution.

Why Moonshot?

Where we’ve been

We were a bunch of like minded creative professionals working for traditional digital agencies around the UK. We utilised our wide range of talents from digital marketing, analytics to web development and online advertising to drive huge business decisions and increase conversions for our clients. However we felt that our creativity was stifled and our passion to innovate was ignored.

Where we are

Moonshot was born out of a passion for irresistible digital. Unconventional and always innovative the Moonshot team are everywhere. We work remotely; in coffee shops, in labs, in co-working spaces and in homes. We’re a collective not an agency. We focus our energy on creating exceptional products not overpriced stationary or ping pong tables for the office.

Where we’re going

Moonshot is growing year on year. We’re a scalable bunch. Our team is part permanant part feelance. This gives us the unique ability to scale up quickly for demanding, intensive projects and vice versa. Our unique way of working ensures quick turnarounds for our clients. Our plans are to grow our network of skilled professionals so that our clients have a diverse range of talent always at their disposal.


Barry O'Neill

Barry worked in the digital space for a number for years both with digital agencies and in house. He has worked on a wide range of digital projects from bespoke web applications, mobile apps to immersive marketing campaigns and ecommerce stores.

He has worked with a number of high profile organisations ranging from Unicef UK and Nokia to Penguin Random House and Pan Macmillan.

Barry founded Moonshot on the idea that a bunch of talented young freelancers could band together and use their unique skills to create irrestible digital products.